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Brylcreem - a little dab'll do ya

Brylcreem - you look so debonair

Brylcreem - the girls will all pursue ya

They love to get their fingers in your hair!


Remember that jingle? If you do you may also remember the trolley era and

wish to plan to revisit that period on a day-tripping daycation this season...


View our 2016 operating schedule, make those plans and

do  circle your calendar now, before you forget!!!


For those so inclined - don't overlook a possible Easter-egg or two on that page - just for fun...




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A few visionaries have made the decision to continue our official CTM Trolley Trading Cards into this New Year. We began in 2008 with our first 6 card set and have, at this moment, 48 TTC's available for all the young collectors out there! Handed out free at the time of ticket purchase, the kids love to read about the trolley(s) that they will ride that day! The older 6-card sets are also available at nominal cost through our gift shop. The kids love it, we love it and hope you will be sure to start your 2016-set collection  when you visit with us this season.





Missouri Soo specs; "dwarf switch stand - Kelly barn yard".



Our own *Marrakesh Express - deer, turkeys, turtles, ducks, rabbits, cats and more call

our 17 acre preserve home to raise their families - you'll just have to visit to catch a glimpse and share a Spring smile ---- Season opener - March 25th


 *"Traveling the train through clear Moroccan skies

Ducks, and pigs, and chickens call,

animal carpet wall to wall

American ladies five-foot tall in blue."


editors note; buy your striped djellebas at the Wells Road layover ;-)


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